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Release date: May 5, 2017 (USA)
Director: James Gunn
Film series: Guardians of the Galaxy series
Music composed by: Tyler Bates
Screenplay: James Gunn


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Romantic tension is pushed aside for familial love. Gamora is still having a hard time with her sister Nebula; Star-Lord has unanswered questions about his lineage; Drax sees the other rogues as his siblings.

It’s a surprisingly beautiful film. These misfits need to make their own love, all cast aside by their respective societies. The introduction of Mantis, an empath, forces some unspoken emotions out into the open. And, in a first for the MCU, it brought me to tears over a universally human event, soundtracked by a Cat Stevens song.

Its success relies on whether the jokes, of which there are many, connect. If not, there’s a lot of tomfoolery in the way of the story. If they do, then Vol. 2 is endlessly fun (and cinema doesn’t get much more fun than Vol. 2’s opening credits scene). The Avengers may be more iconic, but it’s the Guardians you want to hang out with.

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